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We offer the Bible to the world.


For over 200 years Bible Society has been working to bring the Bible to life; to help people around the world engage with it, relate to it, and make sense of it.

That single mission drives a huge range of activities. In some parts of the world, bringing the Bible to life focuses on translation and distribution projects. Elsewhere it focuses on leadership training, or literacy programmes, or interfaith dialogue. Closer to home, in England and Wales, it focuses on advocacy effort, schools outreach and devotional resources.

We’re doing everything we can to help individuals and communities to engage with the Bible because we believe that when they do, lives can change – for good.

Current Prayer needs:

Praise God for the many people who have heard God speak through the Bible in refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon.

  • Pray for the many people who have been displaced by conflict in the Middle East.
  • Ask God to help our Bible Society staff to rely on him and be protected by him.
  • Pray particularly for new Muslim background believers.

Pray for the work of the Bible Society of Swaziland

  • Particularly for their young staff as they face many challenges.
  • Pray for their work with the many children orphaned due to high rates of HIV/AIDS.
  • Pray also for Pastor Samuel who leads a Bible school and is currently helping to write the first SiSwati Study Bible. He says, ‘My hope is that the churches will be unified and enriched as a result of this new Bible. I hope this will bring revival, once people can understand the true message of the gospel. Definitely this Study Bible will change lives!’
  • Pray for Pastor Anthony who is one of three translators working to record 132 Bible stories as sign language videos for the many deaf children (Pastor Anthony is himself deaf).



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