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Andrew and Maria Leake are CMS mission partners in the Chaco region of Northern Argentina. Andrew is currently director of Land for Life, a creation care initiative aimed at establishing protected areas within the Chaco. His wife Maria is involved in children’s work with their local church.

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Latest newsletter from Andrew and Maria Leake - Jan 2018

We value your support, and ask that you pray for the following points:

  • The logistics and administration of the Bishops’ conference on Climate Change and the Church (to be held in Lima, Peru 25-27 May).
  • Pray specifically that we may raise the necessary funds for the event, and that the church in Latin America will rise to the challenge of assisting poor communities affected by environmental degradation and extreme weather events.
  • For wisdom and discernment in challenging government policies that are conducive to the destruction of the native forests of northern Argentina (the Chaco) and the way of life of the indigenous people that live there. Knowing where, when and how to challenge deforestation entails risks, and requires courage that we often feel that we lack.
  • For our family, especially our children as they begin to think of the next steps following university. Pray that they may find opportunities for either work or further study (possibly abroad).

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