Julie’s Story


julie2I decided to do an Alpha course at The Church on the Heath when I was pregnant with my second child.  It’s funny how having children can make us think more about what is important in life.  A few friends had been part of an Alpha course at the Church on the Heath and had got a lot out of it, so another friend and I decided to go together.  It was really convenient, as the group met on a Thursday evening at 7.30pm.  Because it was held in one of the small rooms in the church, it felt relaxed and informal, too.

Alpha is ideal if you have lots of questions about life and faith or want to know more about Christianity, but I came to it in a slightly different way.  I had a fairly good knowledge of Christianity from teaching RE, but I wanted to approach it from a spiritual point of view rather than an academic one; using my heart rather than my head!

I really enjoyed the social aspect of sharing a meal together before watching the DVD and having discussions.  To have a meal provided by a different volunteer every week was a lovely and very welcomed gesture.  There were five of us taking the course with two leaders from the church, so there were enough people for a decent discussion but not so many that not everyone got their say.  It was interesting to find out everyone’s stories about how they came to be interested in Alpha.juliesquote

It was great to know I could ask any question without judgment and that difficult issues such as suffering were not off limits.  It was helpful to have Christians share their understanding and interpretations, without being told what I should or shouldn’t believe.

I particularly enjoyed the Holy Spirit day halfway through the course – a couple from the church invited us all to use their home near the town centre for the day and we all brought something towards a shared lunch.  It was so refreshing to have the time and space to really reflect.

There were some really challenging topics covered and I still had questions after the Alpha course, but it was definitely a big step on my faith journey.  From there, I went on to do another course called Christianity Explored, again at the Church on the Heath, and I have since become a member of the church.


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