MyChurchontheHeath – FAQs

MyChurchontheHeath – FAQs

Some questions that have been asked are answered here.

If you have another, please send them to

How To – Change My Personal Details


I don’t seem to have received the e-mails

The first e-mail is a survey from CotH back-office with title “Invitation to CotH Survey 2014″

The 2nd e-mail is from ChurchApp with the title “The Church on the Heath MyChurchApp log-in”

If you can’t find them in your mail box, please check your spam/junk/trash.  If you still don’t seem to have it, please mail and we’ll resend it.

Why are we doing this now?

The old paper address lists were always out of date as soon as they were printed and the office systems were not able to support modern communication methods.

Patrick & the pastoral team have found it hard to easily contact people.

In addition, paper lists of names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mails make us very vulnerable to identity fraud.

Phone numbers and e-mail addresses change frequently, in the new system we are each responsible for updating our own contact details.

How secure is the new system?

The computer security is state of the art, you can find details here.

As an individual you choose which of your contact information is available to other church members.  This makes it easier to keep in touch with each other.

The staff and leadership teams have access to all your contact details for pastoral and planning purposes.  See the data protection policy for more detail.

What about children’s information?

Information about children can only be seen by their parent/carer, the staff and youth/children’s leaders.

Eventually, the information stored here will replace the need to repeatedly supply details when registering children for groups or events.

It gives parents/carers the responsibility to keep their child’s details up to date.

Why are you asking for my date of birth and other details?

We have to return details of membership to our supporting denominations, some request this information by age groups.

In addition, the information we hold helps to understand the demographics of our congregation and to compare it with those of Elvetham Heath. This helps with planning events and activities, including mission.

Why do you need a photo?

As the congregation grows in size, it becomes increasingly difficult to know everybody.

Photos help us all to put names to faces when we need to meet someone new or remember someone we  have met briefly.

Why did my photo go sideways when I uploaded it?

There seems to be a problem with uploading photos from some smart-phones.  The technical support team are looking at it.  It would help if you could let us know that you had a problem and which device you used to take the picture.

 Why can’t I see my small group details?

If you are a member of a small group which is not listed, please tell us about it so that it can be added.