The Sunflower Fellowship – Casa Valentin, Romania

CotH Champion:     Paula Hallam

The Sunflower Fellowship – Casa Valentin, Romania

Sunflower Fellowship Romania

The Sunflower Fellowship Romania is a Christian charity, set up in 2001 to build and fund Casa Valentin, a staffed home in Cataloi, Romania, providing a holiday for sick or underprivileged children.


Casa Valentin can accommodate sixteen to twenty children for a week’s free holiday during the hot summer months. The children who visit are cared for in a comfortable, warm home. They enjoy good food with an interesting programme of activities. Casa Valentin is staffed by local Romanian Christians.


Casa Valentin

Many children who stay at Casa Velntin come from institutions such as children’s hospices, orphanages and family units. There are salso children diagnosed as HIV positive, or suffer from other serious illnesses, but continue to live with their families in the countryside. We also provide for children with special needs. It is difficult for parents of such sick children to cope with these situations, and so the whole family can benefit from the kind of short break we offer them.

Casa Valentin also provides a Social Programme, which allows 9-12 poor village children a good daily meal, and help with their homework, all in a loving Christian environment.



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