Mission Focus for October – Fleet Angels

Mission Focus for October – Fleet Angels

Fleet Angels are out in Fleet every Saturday between 10pm and 2am to support those enjoying a night out.

Their work involves giving free tea and coffee to keep those waiting in queues warm, offering biscuits and sweets to boost energy levels, or having blankets and flip flops on hand to help those in need of some practical help. But they’re also there for a chat, to help talk things through.

A typical Saturday evening can involve supporting:

  • a regular stream of excessive drinkers who have been asked to leave the club
  • a young lady needing to be covered in a silver blanket and fleeces to keep her warm until she is collected some homeless men, who welcome a cup of soup as a change from hot chocolate and biscuits

Fleet Angels is a project run by local churches trying to make a difference in, to, and for our community.

Please pray for the team, praising God for his love and faithfulness, and asking him to:

  • protect them
  • give them the wisdom to lead and teach his children.
  • make them more like him, more aware of his constant presence in their lives, particularly when they feel anxious or overwhelmed

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