Mission Focus for August – Church Team visit to Casa Valentin (Romania)

Mission Focus for August – Church Team visit to Casa Valentin (Romania)

This Month’s Mission Focus is on the Church Team visit to Casa Valentin (Romania).

Our Mission Focus for August is the Mission Visit to Romania by our church team 18-25 August (The Sunflower Fellowship of Romania )

The Sunflower Fellowship is a Christian charity, set up in 2001 to build and fund Casa Valentin, a staffed home in Romania providing a holiday for sick or underprivileged children.  It also provides a social programme, allowing poorer school and kindergarten children a good meal and help with homework, all in a loving, Christian environment.

Many children who have stayed at Casa Valentin come from institutions such as children’s hospices, orphanages and the small family-style units that are being set up by Child Protection departments. There are many other children who have been diagnosed as HIV positive who continue to live with their families. It is difficult for parents of sick children to cope with this situation and the whole family can benefit from the kind of short break we offer them.

Current Prayer needs:

  • GIVE THANKS that 8 social programme children were able to go on a week’s Christian holiday to the nearby Mountains with Adrian, Gabriela and other staff and children.
  •  PRAY for our Church Team (13) visiting Casa Valentin 18-25 August, and all their preparations for the Holiday club they will provide for the children   having a holiday, and the local village children who will attend each day.
  •  GIVE THANKS for the Romanian staff members: Gabriela (our Manager), Ani (who teaches the Social Programme children, Nina (the cook), and the carers, Cornelia, Violeta and Geta.  REMEMBER Pastor Adrian, who is chairman of the charity and is responsible for the work at Casa Valentin, and Gabriela as she books in and prepares for all the holiday groups for this summer.
  • PRAY that the school children from Cataloi and other local areas who visit once a week during term time may learn how to care for each other, as well as to love God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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