Sunday 19th August

Sunday 19th August

The church is set out a little differently as we continue with our Summer Church Sundays.
Evening services are a time of reflective prayer.
Do join us - all are welcome.

10am Summer Church - Everyone is welcome!

Welcome & Opening Worship at 10am

Then try something new each week…or stick with what you like (please stay with any children you have):

  • Sermon – all your favourite preachers
  • Prayer Spaces – creative ways to pray
  • Discussion Groups – debate the Bible
  • Arts & Crafts – create a mural together
  • Immersive Worship – soaked in music
  • Drama – improvise around the theme

Theme today: Moses Challenges Pharoah

Led by: Rev. Betty Hayes

Preacher: Rev. Billy Slatter


6:30pm Reflective Prayer

Led by: Hannah Hutton

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