About us


Welcome to The Church on the Heath – an ecumenical partnership of the AnglicanBaptistMethodist and United Reformed Church.

We were established in December 2000 to provide a Christian presence on Elvetham Heath, a new development of 1,900 homes on the northern edge of Fleet. You can read more about how we got started by going to ‘Our Story’.

We are a family of around 250 adults and children who worship together on a Sunday morning.  Our style is relaxed (many young families), our music led by a worship band and we do our best to make sure our message connects the eternal truths of God’s word to the challenges of day to day living.  Talks are often followed by prayer ministry.  We have a large Junior Church and an all age service on the first Sunday of the month.  Our mission is ‘to make followers of Jesus by sharing the Good News, serving the community and growing as Christians’.

Located right next to the supermarket, the pub and the school we are a church very much at the heart of the community.  During the week our coffee bar is buzzing and all sorts of community groups make use of our extensive facilities.  But we want to be more than an attractive venue; we want to be a place where the spiritual needs of the community are met thoughtfully, truthfully and prayerfully.

Everyone has spiritual longings.  No matter how fulfilled we might be with family, work and friends, a sense of the eternal won’t quite go away.  We want to be a place where these longings can be explored, where the difficult questions can be asked, where wisdom can be shared and where faith can begin to take root and grow.  We want to be a family of all ages where anyone, no matter their background, need, or level of faith is welcomed completely.  A place where losses are mourned, pain is shared, failures acknowledged and new life and new beginnings celebrated.  We want to serve the community, be a place of prayer for the community and see the eternal touch our community. We want the Church on the Heath to be a church for the Heath.

Above all we want all to come to know the forgiveness, grace and fullness of life that comes through knowing Jesus Christ.