DEBT Problems?



Crippled by Debt?


 CAP is an award winning national charity that is passionate about lifting people out of debt and poverty through their award winning debt help service. Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis regularly recommends CAP to people who are in debt and struggling emotionally to cope. He has also listed CAP on his ‘Guide to Mental Health’.


The work of CAP is always closely linked to local churches, whose members make contact with and support clients through the process of becoming debt free. Thousands of lives are transformed through the work of CAP every year.


John Kirkby, CAP’s founder, says “I do believe that God has given us a 21st Century answer to one of the most pressing social needs within society today. Jesus met people’s needs with love, compassion and practical help. Our desire is to simply do the same and watch the miracles unfold.”


CAP does not keep any of its clients’ money. The work of CAP is entirely funded by churches and private givers whom they call “Life Changers”. And none of the donations of churches and individuals is used to pay off clients’ debts. They do that themselves.


CAP Money courses are run in the area. “CAP Money” is a simple money management course that teaches people budgeting skills and a simple system that really works. This course will help anyone to get control of their finances.


Click here for details of the next CAP Money course in Fleet.


Do you need help with serious debt problems? Call the national help line on 0800 328 0006


Would you like to become a “Life Changer”? Contact John at 075432000355


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