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The Church on the Heath is continuing its Gospel Choir for all ages. Interested? Below are some of the details you may need and the questions we’re most often asked, but if there’s anything we’ve missed please feel free to email questions to Sophie at cothgospel@gmail.com. Gospel Choir will run every Thursday night (in term time), 7:30pm-9pm, at the Church on the Heath. We would love to see you there.

Who is the Gospel Choir for?

Anyone at all.

Do I have to do an audition to join?


What if I can’t sing?

Nearly everyone we ask will tell us they can’t sing – they’re usually wrong! We’re not looking for an amazing solo voice here! For this kind of choral singing, mostly we just want bags of enthusiasm, and a willingness to have loads of fun giving it all you’ve got. If you love belting it out and can hit the same notes as the person standing next to you, that’s all we need.

Do I need to be able to read music?

No. Everything we’ll learn is taught by ear, so there’ll be lyrics to learn but you don’t need to be able to read formal musical score.

What kind of music will we be singing?

We’ll be focusing on music of the Gospel and Worship genres, but occasionally there’ll be other feel-good music thrown into the mix too. We’ll be going for anything that’s fun to sing and will put a smile on the faces of singers and audiences alike.

Will I have to sing by myself?

No. There may be opportunities throughout the year for solos in some of the songs, but these will be totally voluntary, and only once the choir is confident in itself. You will never be asked to sing alone in front of everyone unless you’ve specifically signed up to.

When and where does the Choir run?

Choir rehearsals happen on a Thursday night during term time, 7:30pm-9pm, at the Church on the Heath, the Key, Elvetham Heath, Fleet, GU51 1HA.

Does the Choir cost anything to join?

Nope. Free as a bird.

How do I join?

Just show up! You’ll be asked to fill in a New Members form so we have your contact and medical details, and that’s it!

Can I come for a taster session?

Sure. All the sessions are free anyway, but you are very welcome to come for a session before you decide you want to join us. If you decide you’d like to join us after your taster session, you’ll be asked to fill in a New Members form, and then you’ll receive a Welcome pack with all the information you’ll need.

I don’t know my choir part…

No worries – we’ll help you to work out which is the best choir part for you to sing in, and if you find you’re singing too high or too low, just swap to where you’re more comfortable.

What happens at a rehearsal?

You’ll be greeted at the welcome desk where you’ll sign in each week and collect your member’s badge. Each rehearsal will begin with some vocal warm-ups, a warm-up song, and then we’ll learn a small number of songs each week in anything up to four-part harmony. Each rehearsal, we’ll also have a team-building slot, and at the end of rehearsals we may occasionally have a social where we can all hang out and get to know each other better.

Is there a large level of commitment involved?

There will be one choir rehearsal a week, and a performance every term or so. Other social activities and smaller performances such as flash-mobs may also be planned throughout the year. Members are welcome to come to as much as they wish, but the more regularly members can be around, the more a part of the group they will feel, and the better a sound we will be able to make.

What is the purpose of the choir?

The aims of the Gospel Choir project are as follows:

  1. To create an inclusive community of young people who aim to model God’s love for each other and for those around us, using our music to bless both choir members and audiences.

  2. To have loads of fun making high-quality music of the Gospel and Worship genres.

  3. To use singing as a means to build confidence, community, self-esteem, and to better understand and communicate the Gospel.

What if I don’t go to church?

This project will be run with a Christian ethos, but we don’t put any preconditions on choir members at all. You are very welcome no matter what your beliefs are, and though the team are happy to answer any questions you may have about our faith, we will never attempt to force our beliefs on you.