Pastoral care


Pastoral Care & visits

Whether or not you are part of the Church on the Heath, the church offers pastoral care to all in the community. The first stage of this is often welcoming people to the area with a local information leaflet and a monthly newsletter. The church’s pastoral team also visits people who have attended the church and registered an interest in keeping in touch.

For all of us there are difficult times when we may need additional support. It is for this reason that the Church pastoral team has been formed to offer support and help to those in the Church family and in the wider community as required. Most current team members have received some pastoral training. We work with the minister to help and support people in distress from a variety of reasons such as ill health, depression, anxiety, painful relationships, loss and bereavement and family problems.

For those who attend one of the church’s house groups, the group leader, a person with pastoral responsibility or group members, usually provide pastoral care. For anyone not in a group, or someone who would like to talk through specific issues, a member of the pastoral team is available to talk and pray through issues of concern.

We also have a number of Church members who provide regular support to people in the Church and other contacts.

More specifically our role is to:

  • Support people as appropriate from the church and community of Elvetham Heath in times of difficulty and need.
  • Respond to people’s specific needs.
  • Work as a team who can offer trust and confidentiality and do not offer what we cannot honour.

What we can offer is: visiting, befriending, pastoral counselling, praying with people and arranging for practical needs to be met.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help yourself or know of someone else who would value some additional support.

For further help or information please contact Marion Hale, Pastoral Co-ordinator, or call the Church Office on 01252 400236.