The great thing about the local church is that we are also part of a global church. One way we express this sense of belonging is through links we form with different people, projects and organisations committed to extending God’s kingdom locally, nationally and globally. We commit to support these through prayer, personal contact and financial giving.

Heather Clements leads the Mission Support Team.  You can contact her through the Church Office (the mission e-mail address is currently unavailable).

These 8 principles guide our decisions on mission support:

  • Mission support should be global as well as local (Global mission agencies; Global mission – specific projects; Local Mission)
  • It should be well directed (limited to key partners) but reflect diversity of projects and partners – both geographically and thematically.
  • Mission support should wherever possible be based on meaningful relationships.
  • It is essential that there should be a “champion” within the church who can act as a contact point for each mission partner & be responsible for regular updates/literature etc
  • Opportunities for mission feedback and input should be planned into the annual cycle of Sunday services.
  • To start with (2014) we will aim to give 10% of our income to our mission partners
  • Part of our mission giving should be set aside as a contingency fund – to be used to respond to emergency requests.
  • Part of our mission giving should be set aside as a fund to support any of our church members engaging in short term mission.


This Month’s Mission Focus is FACCTS (Fleet and Crookham Churches Together in Schools)

Our Mission Focus for September is FACCTS (Fleet and Crookham Churches Together in Schools). FACCTS has a team of three prat time workers (Janis, Julie & Sam) plus volunteers who work in the schools of Fleet and Church Crookham on behalf of local churches. ​Their mission is simple; to present the love of Jesus to students and staff.

sdrCurrent Prayer needs:

  • GIVE THANKS for the recent appointment of Sam, who is just shy of 20 years old and a member of Fleet Baptist Church. He has just completed a leadership training year with Soul Survivor and is about to begin a part time ministry, mission and theology course at St Mellitus College. He senses a calling to a leadership role, working with children.
  • PRAY for the commissioning of Sam at the FACCTS prayer meeting at 7.45 p.m. at Fleet Methodist Church on Monday 10 September, the day he takes up post
  • PRAY for the the team as they identify how best to place Sam and, in due course, what new opportunities there are with someone who is young, male and keen on sport.
  • GIVE THANKS for one regular attendee at one of the Christian Union groups (there may be others) who wholeheartedly gave her life to Jesus at Soul Survivor this year. Praise God! Please pray for her, to be rejoicing and growing in her new found faith and for her friends to see the difference in her.
  • PRAY for the Seekers and Growing Groups in both secondary schools, that the seekers find and the Christians grow!
  • PRAY for the children moving to senior school this term, that they may settle in well and that those in lunch clubs last year connect with the Christian Unions in their new schools.
  • PRAY for the lunch clubs  in each junior school. Feedback from those who have been going shows that the children like the mix of crafts, games and stories and that the bible stories they hear stick in their memories. Daniel in the lions den went down particularly well in one group! Please pray for these children’s tender faith to be nurtured.
  • THANK God for the large number of FACCTS volunteers, and that they all enjoy what they do, whether it be as part of an Open the Book team (including making the costumes), leading a lunch club or serving coffee to senior school staff. Pray for more, particularly to strengthen the Open the Book teams.


Please pray regularly for all our Mission partners. For more details on each partner and their specific prayer needs click the links below.

  • Global Mission – specific projects:
  • Women Worker’s Training Centre, Tamil Nadu (S.India) – vocational & community development
  • Andrew & Maria Leake (CMS – N. Argentina) – land rights for indigenous people
  • The Jerusalem & the Middle East Church Association (JMECA) – medical work in Gaza and Egypt
  • The Sunflower Fellowship that funds Casa Valentin in Romania